Welcome to the website for Puzzlebox Brainstorms, an Open Source software suite supporting school projects which help introduce students to basic neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces. In particular we incorporate exercises which help students to learn and practice focusing their attention and concentration, using the technology to allow them to drive robots, fly helicopters, and play video games.

The project's intention is to work in coordination with teachers, student groups, researchers, designers, and developers who are interested in collaborating in an open community environment. It is based on members of each type contributing their own skills and interests in "Stone Soup" fashion.

Puzzlebox Brainstorms @ The Rosemont School

The goal of this project is to produce a complete set of software tools and applications, as well as teacher resources such as lesson plans, which guide technology educators through classroom-ready projects. In current case studies a brief introduction to neuroscience has been presented and related to exisiting curriculum, as such the physics of electricity and waves, or the biology of the brain. Students are then broken up into groups and allowed to experiment with designing and building their own robotic vehicles using LEGO Mindstorms, first racing them directly from classroom computers, then through mind control via EEG headset.

Puzzlebox is sponsoring the effort by contributing this forum, technical facilities, and software which already supports such activities as driving a simple robot through brain control, as measured by an EEG device, such as the NeuroSky MindWave, MindSet or Emotiv EPOC. The receiving software is executed on a typical classroom PC or notebook. Optionally software can be run on a mobile handset placed on top of the robot, permitting tele-operation over the internet via mobile data or a local wireless network. A live video stream from the "robot's perspective" can then be transmitted back to the user from the built-in camera.

All software in this project is released free of charge as Open Source, under the GNU Public License (GPLv2).

Puzzlebox Brainstorms and Synapse (Windows XP)

Questions, comments, and interested parties should contact us to see how they can become involved.